Bakas Barn

A centerpiece of Saint Nicholas Ranch and Retreat Center is the big red barn which majestically stands near the entrance of the Ranch. Dating back to the original origins as the Sally K Ranch, the barn is still standing strong, with its construction going back to the late 1800s. The dual level red barn has horse stalls on the lower level, and a chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas on the upper level. This Chapel was constructed by the first group of young adults who came to the Ranch, building the Iconostasis and the Holy Altar table. The icons, pews and other Liturgical items were donated from parishes in the Metropolis, making the Saint Nicholas Chapel truly representative of our communities. The barn has a new name – the Bakas Barn – named in honor of Rev. Father John Bakas who was instrumental in the initial development of the Ranch and is still one of its strongest advocates. Plans are being developed on how we can utilize this space and restore its functionality. We will keep you updated on how you can help make this a reality.